Created by dancers for dancers.

We inspire and motivate dancers and cheerleaders to first have fun and then improve their performance level through an intensive process of movement, fitness and instruction. Not through a cookie-cutter approach, but through proven experience and innovative programming.

We are leading the way through transformational programming for dancers and cheerleaders around the world to learn, train and perform at their highest level. Innovative, high energy and just plain fun are the characteristics that describe our tours, camps, and workshops designed to improve the performance of all who join us.

Our formula to success: Dance Training + Fitness Training = Better Performance

Danceletics International was conceived when fitness professional, dancer and NBA cheerleader Chika Takai combined her worlds of fitness, dance and cheer together into this innovative concept.

As a captain and veteran cheerleader for the NBA Atlanta Hawks, she wanted to improve her ability to perform at the highest level on center court. Even as a life-long, seasoned dancer the infusion of fitness and intense dance training catapulted her abilities to the next level and Danceletics International was born... an intense process of movement, fitness and improved performance for dancers and cheerleaders.