Danceletics International is proud to present the only dance tour fusing the three worlds of dance, cheer and fitness training together offering instruction, choreography and education from some of the best in the industry! The Danceletics JapanFest Tour is high energy and innovative and designed for both beginners of all skill levels and cheer and dance professionals. The tour will offer dancers and cheerleaders the most comprehensive dance experience imaginable!

JapanFest offers a variety of features unlike any other Japan dance tour in the industry! From Tokyo to Osaka and select destinations throughout Japan, JapanFest will bring its dance workshops, team training camp, fitness training and cheer camps instructed by some of the most talented choreographers and instructors in the world! Everything from choreography to fitness training and most of all fun will be offered.


JapanFest features a collaboration of those who have been sought after NBA and NFL choreographers, can be seen center court performing in the NBA and NFL. They also can be found participating in the directing and/or performing with artists such as Ciara and Celo Green. The mission - to offer an unbelievable stable of talent to create a memorable, inspiring experience for all those that attend.

Chika Takai (Tour Producer)

Captain, Atlanta Hawks Dancers
WBFF Fitness Pro/ Certified Personal Trainer
Choreographer, NBA

Chika lives to share her passion as a dancer. Her passion for dance, fitness and cheer inspired her to launch Danceletics International (DI). She combined the worlds of fitness, dance and cheer together into an innovative fitness-based dance program for professional dancers and cheerleaders. Even as a life-long, seasoned dancer the infusion of fitness catapulted her abilities to the next level and DI was born... an intense process of movement, fitness and improved performance for aerobic enthusiasts, gymnasts, dancers and cheerleaders. As a captain, choreographer and veteran cheerleader for the NBA Atlanta Hawks, fitness has provided the fuel for her quest to be the very best in the industry. More information >>>

Her growing love for fitness led her to compete where she became a very successful NPC bikini and WBFF competitor from the start. In her first 2017 competition she placed 1st in NPC Bikini Novice Class and 1st place in the NPC Bikini Overall Novice Division (nationally qualified). Next she took 1st place in the NPC Bikini Open Class and was again the 1st place winner in the NPC Bikini Overall Open Division (nationally qualified again). This journey led her to the WBFF, where in her first competition she received her pro status. As a dancer, choreographer, and instructor, her contagious spirit, courage and hard work coupled with her versatility for performing has made her a sought-after talent with a passionate spirit and impressive history of creating art that inspires.

Oscar Hernandez

Arizona Rattlers Sidewinders Dance Director
ProAction Dance Instructor
America's Got Talent
Choreographer NBA, NFL, AFL & WNBA

Oscar has trained and performed in the styles of Jazz, Cheer and Pom, Hula, Salsa and Hip Hop. He has also choreographed and/or performed with numerous professional dance teams in the U.S. and internationally some of which are NBA's Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, Detroit Pistons, Portland Trailblazers, Sacramento Kings, former Seattle Supersonics, Denver Nuggets as well as the AFL's Arizona Rattlers, WNBA's Phoenix Mercury and Seattle Storm and NFL's Detroit Lions Dancers. More information >>>

Yu Minore

北京・ロンドン五輪 代表
全日本種目別平均台 4回優勝、三連覇
2015 ユニバーシアード 団体2位,平均台 優勝

More information >>>


2017 - JAPAN CUP 2017, Salsa Same Gender Pro Division Champion
2017 - World Latin Dance Cup 2017, Salsa On1 Pair Finalist (USA)
2019 - Asian Dancesport Games, Salsa On1 Pair Pro Division Champion

Mei started gymnastics and piano at age 3 and developed a natural sense of rhythm and flexibility. At age 7 she moved to the United States, and at age 13 started Jazz dance. At age 15, Mei started cheerleading at her high school, cheering for 4 years and competing in competition. More information >>>


京都造形芸術大学 ダンス非常勤講師
2014 日本最大振付ダンスコンテスト Legend Tokyo chap.4優勝
2018 三代目 J Soul Brothersツアー振付助手

大阪を拠点にダンサー、アクロバットパフォーマー、インストラクターとして活動。 16歳からブレイクダンスを始めダンスの専門学校でバレエ、ジャズダンス、モダンダンスを習得。 専門学校卒業後、ダンサーとして活動し続けるために人と違うことをしようと体操、パルクール、トリッキング、ラートを始めたのちに講師を務めるまでになる。 もっと見る >>>


Japan Salsa competition 2017 First place
Universal Studio Japan performer
Dragon quest live spectacular tour 2016


The qualifications to participate are simple. If you love hip hop with a dance training twist, this is where you belong. Our workshops are about dancers, regardless of their experience level, pushing their performance ability to the limit and providing the guidance for them to do so.

You will get to experience the high energy and skill that propelled Chika to captain of the NBA Atlanta Hawks Dancers and drives her passion and versatile experience as a fitness pro that can offer you a one-of-a-kind experience and exhilarating collaboration.

On this tour, JapanFest will be offering two workshops. The Hip Hop Fun is a workshop designed for all ages and experience levels that will be based on high energy and fun. The Hip Hop Advanced is designed to challenge experience dancers in a fun and creative instructional environment.

HEELS & HIP HOP - June 30, 2018




To participate in a JapanFest Tour workshop please check the Tour Location section below for a dance studio near you. Registration and payment to attend a workshop will be managed by the participating dance studio.

If you don't see your dance studio listed, don't wait, have your studio complete our Tour Host Request Form so we can add them to the tour schedule. Availability is limited so contact us today!

To participate in a JapanFest Tour workshop please check the Tour Location section above...


Whether you choose the Hip Hop Fun or Hip Hop Advanced Workshop, both workshops are 90 minutes in length and contain two components that create a lot of dance fun and a great workout all at the same time!

Hip Hop Choreography + Dance Fitness Skill Training = Fun Time with a Little Sweat

Both hip hop workshops are so unique that no dancer should miss attending. You will be motivated and pushed all while having the most fun imaginable!



Have your studio complete our Tour Host Request Form so we can add them to the tour schedule. It doesn't have to be a Hip Hop workshop. Our instructors can offer heel, cheer, pom pom and even sassy jazz.

Absolutely! We love having children join our workshops. There energy is often contagious and motivational to all who attend.

Dancers are required to register for a workshop through the host studio. The host studio will be able to provide all the important information you need such as cost and workshop schedule.

There is no wrong answer here, but if you are a beginner dancer you may find the Hip Hop Fun workshop a little more enjoyable. If you feel like a little challenge, our Hip Hop Advanced is exactly what you are looking for.

Absolutely!!! At JapanFest, we often try to build a connection between our workshops so joining both workshops will be a continuation of non-stop fun.

The cost for each workshop is determined by the host studio or organization. JapanFest does not determine the cost for attending the workshops.

No, not at all. The fitness dance components are fun and very easy to do.


The Pro Cheer Camp was specifically launched for and by professional cheerleaders and dancers. The Camp is all about offering a variety of choreography and providing the tools and education for professional, club and high school/collegiate cheerleaders to develop and perform at the highest level.

pro cheer camp breakdown
Hip-Hop Choreography (Two Routines)
Sassy Jazz Choreography (One Routine)
Pom Pom Choreography (One Routine)
Dance Skills & Fitness Training
Industry Seminar / Q & A Session

pro cheer camp
Camp Fee Includes:
Four (4) Performance Routines
Game Ready Music
Fitness / Nutrition Education
Dance Skills & Fitness Training
Industry Seminar / Q & A Session
Prize Drawing
Two (2) Dance Workshops (Optional)
pro cheer camp
Who Should Attend?
Professional Sports Team Cheerleaders
Professional Club Cheerleaders
Collegiate Cheerleaders
High School Cheerleaders
Most importantly dancers who would like to become a cheerleader!

Sample Camp Schedule
30 Minutes | Registration & Check-In (open all day)
15 Minutes | Introductions & Warm-Up
3 Hours | Session 1- Routine Workshops and Dance /Skills Fitness Training
45 Minutes | Lunch Break
3 Hours | Session 2 - Routine Workshops and Dance Skills/Fitness Training
30 - 45 Minutes | Industry Seminar / Q&A Sections / Instructor Photo Op


15 Minutes | Registration & Check-In
5 Minutes | Introductions & Warm-Up
1.20 Hour | Routine Workshop
5 Minutes | Closing / Instructor Photo Op

15 Minutes | Registration & Check-In
5 Minutes | Introductions & Warm-Up
1.20 Hour | Routine Workshop
5 Minutes | Closing / Instructor Photo Op


Hip-Hop Choreography (One Routine)
Pom Pom Choreography (One Routine)
Dance Skills & Fitness Training
Q & A Session

youth cheer camp
Camp Fee Includes:
Two Performance Routines
Fitness / Nutrition Education
Dance Skills & Fitness Training
Game Ready Music
Q & A Session
Prize Drawing
youth cheer camp
What Ages Should Attend?
Ages 10 – 15 (Youth under the age of 10 are welcome to attend)
All skill levels are welcome to attend.

Sample Workshop Schedule
15 Minutes | Registration & Check-In (6:45 pm)
5 Minutes | Introductions & Warm-Up
1 Hour | Session 1- Routine Workshop and Dance /Skills Fitness Training
1 Hour | Session 2 - Routine Workshop
25 Minutes | Q&A Session / Instructor Photo Op


Dance Choreography

Our instructors will combine their expertise and cutting edge styles to provide an atmosphere that fosters creativity. Our instructors are here to motivate and provide a variety of performance ready choreography through high-energy, fun and fresh workshop sessions. Instructors creativity, skill and experience will offer one of the most memorable comprehensive dance and cheer experiences imaginable!

Dance Skills & Fitness Training

The mission is simple - develop a cheer camp specifically for cheerleaders to improve their overall performance and dance ability through fitness and dance skill training with an added bonus of dance choreography. Every professional athlete has a trainer and now you do too! So what is our formula for success?

Whether it is improving overall dance skill or injury prevention techniques, our team has the experience to help you realize your full performance potential.

Industry Seminar / Q&A Session

We created this part of the Camp with your best interests in mind. Our instructors are dedicated to your success by providing a full day of master instruction followed by words of wisdom by some of the best in the industry. Our goal is to offer the most well rounded experience possible.

We compliment the Camp with a wide range of helpful tips such as dance and cheer industry insight to aesthetic and nutrition guidance. Our instructors are energetic, down-to-earth and supportive in every way, so ask away and we will be there for you!

Special Skills Workshop

Sensual hip rotation, alluring shoulder shakes and fancy footwork are all the sexy movements that every female dancer should possess. That is exactly why we developed the Get Sexy! Dance Workshop (Hip-Hop Latin Style). Quick-paced rhythms and sensual movements make the combination of Hip-Hop and Latin music the perfect combination to help transform you to a sexier dancer and performer.

Across the globe you can see professional sports’ sidelines and center courts filled with choreography that add acrobats for a more powerful, dynamic performance. We developed the Get Acrobatic! Hip-Hop Dance Workshop to introduce our attendees to acrobats incorporated into a hip-hop choreography. You want to be a more powerful performer and separate your skill set from the rest, this workshop can provide a few tools to do so.

Limited Number of Participants at Each Camp

We have limited the maximum attendance for each camp to 50 participants. Unlike some the cheer camps offered in the USA, we want each attendee to receive personal attention throughout the mini-camp. Our goal is for each participant to get noticed to ensure no student gets left behind. More importantly, we want participants to be able to engage with our instructors and feel free to ask questions at anytime.


  • All registrations are non-refundable. Unfortunately there are absolutely no exceptions allowed.
  • Camp wristbands must be worn and intact at all times. Anyone without a wristband will be denied access to the camp. Wristbands may not be shared or given to another participate for any reason.
  • Videotaping and photography are not allowed at any time during the sessions or during the choreographer performances EXCEPT for final performances of attendees.
  • By registering, you grant Danceletics International, LLC the right to use your image.
  • Instructors and schedule are subject to change.
  • Danceletics International, LLC staff, instructors and/or representatives are not liable for personal injuries or loss, or damage to personal property.
  • Online registrants will automatically receive a confirmation. Payment must be processed in full in order to be fully registered for the event. Without payment, you will not be confirmed for the camp.
  • Space is limited, therefore registration at the door is not guaranteed. Online registrations must be paid by credit card and all "at the door" payments must be made in cash.



Go to the 'Tour Schedule' tab and click on the city where you would like to attend. Here you will find all detailed registration information regarding the event.

Videotaping during classes is strictly prohibited, but video tapping of your final performance is allowed.

A song list will be available online for fourteen days following the end of the camp to those that have registered and attended the Pro Cheer Camp.

Anyone who is interested in joining is always welcome.

The Pro Cheer Camp is open to anyone from age 16 years old and older who has a desire to learn from the some of the best in the industry.

There will be a Q&A and photo session at the conclusion of each mini-camp event for attendees to ask the instructors any questions they may have regarding the cheer and dance industry. Any and everything can be asked... so be ready to ask away!