Ready for the best one-day intensive practice of the year?

The mission was simple - develop a customizable program specifically for dancers and cheerleaders to improve their overall performance and dance ability through intense fitness and dance skill training with an added bonus of dance choreography. Although we specialize in working with professional teams, independent, high school and college teams can also benefit from our mission. We call it the Danceletics Training Camp. Whether your organization utilizes Training Camp in the preseason like most professional sports organizations or as a mid-season rejuvenation, the one-day camp will be the perfect training regimen to improve your team’s performance. So what is our formula for success? Here is our equation:

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Ready to re-discover your athlete?

Our formula involves designing a program that directly improves the dance skills desired. We compliment that program with other helpful components such as fitness, aesthetic and nutrition guidance through our educational seminar and Q&A session.

Returning from the offseason your cheer team in most cases will suffer skill depletion, diminished team cohesion due to new members and low conditioning. It is important to prepare and train your team effectively during the pre-season so that they can:

  1. Achieve high performance levels as soon as the new season starts
  2. Reduce the possibility of injury
  3. Cope physically with the demands of the season ahead
  4. Increase team chemistry
  5. Learn fitness and nutrition tips that can be utilized throughout the season
The Training Camp is built on our four "Ts" of distinction which are Transport, Teach, Train and Transform.

With the client in mind, the Danceletics Training Camp is designed to be portable and transported by our team directly onsite to any location in the world. Our team can customize the program for any size school, university or professional organization. Upon an interview with a potential client and careful review, the camp will be customized specifically for the needs and wants of the organization.

Experience is always the best teacher, especially when it comes to dance and fitness. We have built an incredible team of fitness professionals, dance instructors and former and current NFL and NBA cheerleaders ready to share their experience with your team! Our team is talented, energetic, and supportive in every way. Our goal is to teach as we train. This program's choreography and results-specific dance and fitness training will provide the tools for continued improvement.

Our theory is every performer, no matter how great, can perform at a higher level. In many cases cheerleaders and dancers often spend most of their time on developing technique often neglecting fitness. We feel dancers and cheerleaders are athletes too! Just in the same way NBA and NFL athletes improve their performance through fitness... so should we! Although we work hand-and-hand with your team to determine the best programming combination to introduce before the Camp, essential components such as strength, agility and dance training will always be included.

Our founder, Chika Takai, knows first-hand the reward of an infusion of focused fitness. During her career as a professional cheerleader and dancer, she has seen fitness improve her abilities as a performer physically and mentally. Beyond the muscle tensions and day-to-day energy demands, fitness provided Chika the ability to be physically and mentally available for the physical requirements of cheer life and dance competitions and improve her overall dance abilities. Our team would like to see this transformation for every cheerleader and dancer around the world.

For pricing, customizing your class combinations and general information for your team, contact us today!