Passionate. Patient. Connected. Creative. Knowledgeable. Supportive... These are our values.

Are you a current or former professional cheerleader or dancer? If the answer is yes and our values are yours, come join us and together we'll create a meaningful difference in an industry that we have all come to love.

Passion for what we do is at the heart of Danceletics International. Our passion fosters a unique and very welcoming environment of innovation, growth and unlimited opportunity. As an Ambassador, you will work as an instructor and advisor were you can create a meaningful difference in the lives of hopeful dancers and cheerleaders around the world!

We are a team of past dreamers and now doers bound by our belief in the power of inspiring through teaching. We are team players, lifelong learners, hard workers, and change makers. We are grateful for each day we get to teach others, and we go above and beyond for those who are willing to learn. If this sounds like an exciting challenge, we hope you will join us!

Japan Ambassadors

Our programs are designed to create positive impacts in communities where we work. To the team here at Danceletics International, it is important to have passionate, smart and experienced individuals in those communities to work collaboratively in making our efforts to teach and instruct a reality.

Naoko Kawanaka
Former NBA Cheerleader

Osaka, Japan
Nami Ito
NBA Dancer
Former NFL Cheerleader

San Francisco, California

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