While ticket sales may be the key objective for most sports organizations, it's not exactly priority number one - that's reserved for fan engagement. As a result, attending sporting events are no longer about the popcorn and seat levels. Fans expect more and value an memorable experience on and off the court. Fansletics is using innovative engagement to drive even deeper fan relationships and extend the fan experience through new channels to create:

360° Degrees Fan Engagement Program

Fan engagement needs to be carefully managed both on and off game day. Fansletics does that through a comprehensive 360° degrees program that can build revenue, fan loyalty and most importantly connections.

360° Degrees Fan Engagement Program

Perhaps we cannot state with confidence that sports enrich the lives of all of us, but they certainly entertain a huge swath of the world's population. We are here to help make that happen through offering the products that can create engagement on all levels.

  • Fan Games
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Gatling Guns
  • Drone Launchers
  • Prize Parachutes
  • Inflatables

It is up to your organization to show potential sponsors how a partnership with your team will help their business and that is exactly where we can help. We're the conduit between a team and its sponsors. By facilitating collaboration and creating a powerful marketing platform through our products, we offer a lasting engagement experience along with an additional revenue stream.

The goal is for sponsors and teams to build a more intense, deeply-rooted connection with the fan base through branded merchandise that can increase awareness and connect fans to your sponsor's brand.

We are committed to helping teams build world-class fan experiences. Through our industry seminars, team representatives from some of the best sports teams in the world share their approach and strategies, covering everything from how to create innovative fan experiences to building a successful promotional calendar and more.

Our goal in these seminars is to share best practices within sports marketing and fan engagement and openly explore the best trends and highlights in the industry that are creating value for fans and sponsors. Through these collaborative forums, teams' representatives can receive valuable guidance and advice to help take their programs to the next level!

For pricing, questions about our products and general information for your team, contact us today!